Payday Loans No Credit Check: your anatomy in 6 points

In the school of life you have learned many things, but surely something that is difficult for you to understand is how the credits work, how they can benefit you and what your participation in the credit structure is.

And there are many ways to get money: work, save to invest and have a source of extra income.

However, part of knowing how to handle personal finances has to do with learning to use credits wisely. Yes! It sounds complicated, but in reality, it is not.

What happens is that sometimes people think that talking about loans is only for big investors and million-dollar companies. But it is not like that, because in the anatomy of the credits you also participate.

In this text, you will find information on the anatomy of credit. Knowing it will teach you how to handle credits of your size in an intelligent and well-thought way. You will see that it is nothing special and you will know what to do when you get a loan

1.-The head in the structure is you

We go in parts, to begin to understand the anatomy of credit, you must understand that a credit is not only composed of the financial institution that is responsible for granting the loan. You are also part of that structure.

Why? You will .. You work as the head because you are the one who ultimately makes the decision that best suits your interests and needs. Clear! once you did your research assignment and you could compare.

Before deciding, you should have done a good analysis of the investment you are going to make.

When you do, do it with a cool head and sure that this decision was well reasoned.

2.-The interests are the eyes

Interest is a percentage of the money that you lend for units of time in months or days.

How does it work? It is in this topic that you should focus all your attention and review very well and detail, otherwise, when the deadline expires, you will end up paying much more than planned and that is not the idea.

On many occasions, you will find that interest can be low but high commissions. Hence the importance of paying attention to detail.

You will find that some of the financial institutions will offer you lower interest since the discount form is different and there is greater security in the payment.

This is the best option, so lean towards these types of credits.

3.-Discount is the mouth

When you take out a loan, many of the credit grantors will probably offer you some type of insurance apart from the loan you are requesting.

By doing so, they offset some of the low-interest offers, in fact, this can now be achieved through the payroll discount.

In this way, you do not have to buy too many policies and you make sure to pay the installments.

4.-The deadlines are the hands

The term is the time established in which you will pay a loan, you will find that there are short and medium terms.

Remember that the credits should not be long-term but quite the opposite. It is recommended that you hire those who do not handle periods longer than 5 years, or that you can discount with one hand.

Deadlines that are more than 60 monthly payments could become a headache and your finances can get very hit. Better choose another option.

5.-The institution has the ears

The financial institution that is going to lend you the money has the ears, this is because it is she who will listen to you and respond in the contract.

The financial institution you approached to request the loan is who should have those functions.

It’s not just about giving you the money and a blessing. It has to be much more than just that.

The granting company must generate empathy with you and offer you what you are looking for and for what you approached it. That is one of the main goals of these companies.

6.-The heart is the goal

It is the vital part and what makes the whole system work. The goal is the first thing you should put to work.

The objective is the reason why you are asking for a payday loan no credit check, as some goal that you need to fulfill- said.

You must land what you want to achieve with that loan and once you have it clear, investigate everything you need to know to get your loan and thus start.

As you can see, you are also part of the credit anatomy and you participate more than you think. Without you, there would be no head.

Learning about credit helps you make better decisions before acquiring one.

When you participate in the credit activity you initiate a history that can be consulted in the credit bureau and if your behavior is good: you pay on time, liquid the debts and do not delay, the financial institutions can continue trusting in you.

Hence the importance of having a good use of credits, learn to control your expenses so that it is not necessary to use the credits in things that do not generate value.

A good way to use the credits is when you go to buy a house, buy a car, invest in a business or to leave an emergency.

How about? The truth that has its advantages to know about credits.

You know, understanding finances and how credits work can be extremely easy.


PP warns of "waste" that occurs in the Provincial Fire Brigade and calls for the resignation of its manager

José Luis Cámara says he will not resign unless “my president leaves me”

José Luis Cámara says he will not resign unless "my president leaves me"

The Popular Party has denounced “waste” and “serious irregularities” in the Provincial Fire Brigade of Malaga, dependent on the County Council, so it will request the convening of the board of directors to request the resignation of its manager, José Luis Cámara. In fact, he has warned that if it is not carried out, it will be the formation that withdraws from this entity.

This was stated Thursday by the vice president of the Provincial Fire Brigade, Fernando Fernández Tapia (PP), who has stated that “we will not allow ourselves to be ignored or that, under the legality screen that supposes that a member of the Popular Party be on the board of directors, irregularities are committed that we can be partners. “

Similarly, the ‘popular’ have announced that they will hold a meeting with the mayors of the municipalities of Malaga governed by the PP that are part of the Consortium to transfer the situation of “waste and budget decontrol”, which, according to them, is find this entity.

On the other hand, the spokesman of the PP in the Delegation of Malaga, Francisco Salado, has indicated that the present debt of the Consortium ascends to 1,4 million Euros, and has remembered that its maintenance depends on the contributions coming from the provincial institution and of the 93 municipalities that comprise it, which, for their part, owe him 6,778,000 euros. In this regard, he pointed out that 95 percent comes from the defaults of the socialist municipalities.

For this reason, the vice president of the Consortium has put “in question” the survival of the entity, due to “its lack of liquidity” since “the income is practically null”. Thus, he said that the list of firefighters in the month of November “is in danger.”

“political commissar”

Also, Salado has referred to the current manager of the Consortium as “political commissar”, since, as he said, “more than a professional in the world of security”, was put “directly” by the president of the Diputación, Salvador Banner , to “pay favors within the struggles of the PSOE in the province.”

In this way, he assured that it is not the “best manager”, since, in his opinion, “the economic and administrative mismanagement” of the 2009 general accounts is due to him.

In this sense, it has shown the “economic waste” because of a serious of expenses belonging to the Chamber, among which has cited a game of 14,200 euros corresponding to “feasts and restaurants by the manager, who lives in the body of king”.

Likewise, he highlighted the expenses in advising the Consortium, for more than 36,300 euros per year; in a table for the president’s office, for 2,644 euros; in ties and wallets, for more than 1,400 euros; in advertising, for 45,000 euros per year; in the magazine of an association, for 8,000 euros a year; in the design of the website, for 17,800 euros, as well as in the ‘parking’ of the staff, which, “without being in collective agreement”, amounts to 1,000 euros per month.

The spokesman of the PP also has referred to a monthly game of 8,400 euros for a fully equipped off-road vehicle, which, according to him, “agency Camera as a special emergency vehicle, although it does not have a special card for your driving.”

In this way, Salado has stated that the current manager of the Provincial Fire Brigade “spends the money with gunpowder as king or paying favors to the companies to which they are awarded, instead of carrying a criterion of austerity.” DESCONTROL

On the other hand, the spokesman ‘popular’ has referred to the situation of the situation of “budget decontrol” and “serious administrative irregularities, which, according to him, have taken place in the management of the Consortium during 2009,” above all, in contracting supplies and works “.

In this sense, he has stated the existence of “fractional contracts that try to avoid the competition”, as is the case of the item destined to the purchase of firefighters’ clothes that, according to Salado, “is divided into small invoices of about 17,000 euros and, almost always, to the same company “.

In addition, Salado has denounced the payment of invoices “directly by the president of the Consortium without following the appropriate legal procedures” and, in this sense, has assured that “we have found payments of 5,000 euros” with the only signature of this figure.

Likewise, he has assured that when this can not be carried out, the Consortium carries out negotiated procedures without publicity, to which it only invites three companies. In this regard, he has questioned the concurrence required by the Contracts Law, given that, according to him, two of them belong to the same partners.

Finally, Salado has ensured that at the time of hiring, one of these companies was in a situation of “provisional insolvency”. In this way, said that “we will see who are these gentlemen and their relationship with the heads of the entity.

Camera response

Camera response

For his part, the manager of the Provincial Fire Brigade, José Luis Cámara, has denied the accusations of the PP and has assured that he will not resign unless “my president leaves me.” In this regard, he said that “I won a public contest where the PP also voted”, so he defends that he is in the position for his “professional qualities”.

Likewise, he assured that from the Consortium “we have nothing to hide” and, with respect to the “popular” ones, he assured that “it is very easy to distort reality”.

With respect to the alleged irregularities in payments, Cámara explained that “all documents are endorsed by the three signatures of the president, the manager and the intervenor-secretary,” as regulated by law.

Also, he assured that at the last general meeting “I said what the needs were” and “we took out the budget” for the costumes. Thus, of the four companies dedicated to this end, “we chose one of the most important, which is also linked to the PP,” he said, adding that members of the Popular Party “have not voted against the approval of accounts “.

On the other hand, explained that the entity is composed of 274 workers, so that the expenses comprise the generality of the Consortium and not personal expenses. Thus, he assured that the figures published by the PP regarding “binge” respond to the diets of all staff.

Also, regarding the provision of the off-road vehicle denounced by the ‘popular’, Camera has stated that, as a manager, it must be “available to any serious problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”. In addition, has specified that all workers in the entity “have a car.”

Finally, and regarding the debt of the Consistory, Camera has confirmed the accusations of the ‘popular’. However, he said that the municipalities that have greater debt come from the management carried out by the PP, as is the case of the municipalities of Ronda, Vélez-Málaga and Rincón de la Victoria, the latter during the government of Francisco Salty. In this way, “they are responsible for generating the debt of the Consortium”, he assured.


Iberaval exceeds its maximum financing volume for SMEs with 638 million in 12,700 operations



José Rolando Álvarez

José Rolando Álvarez IBERAVAL

The president of Iberaval, José Rolando Álvarez, pointed out that the previous cap on the SGR in Castile-Leon dates back to 2009, when it exceeded 629.4 million euros in financing available to the member companies of the entity, and considered that, given the “dynamism” in the operation, “it is likely that this amount will continue to increase in the coming months”.

Álvarez highlighted this achievement during the celebration, this Thursday, of the Board of Directors of Iberaval, which has served to analyze the data referring to the first six months of the year, during which 2,000 transactions worth 116 million euros have been formalized , with an eight percent growth.

This progress has much to do with the strength shown by Iberaval in terms of its membership volume, 25,347 (124 of which are institutional or protective) at the end of June, after the incorporation of 1,356 new associates during the last year.

Álvarez added that “it is time for SMEs to invest again”, although “it is true that they are still finding it difficult to obtain the financing they need”, before which he has defended that “Iberaval is the solution”.

In this sense, it has valued the effective support for hundreds of initiatives that, each year, represents the ADE Financia program in Castilla y León, for which it is expected to mobilize some 78 million euros during 2017, from a budget line of the Junta de Castilla y León of 3.5 million euros, which will interest on hundreds of business proposals.

José Rolando Álvarez recalled that Iberaval works in coordination with the Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Junta de Castilla y León (ADE), in order to support companies, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs.

In fact, all the operations that have the backing of the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León, through ADE Financia, present an interest rate between 0 and 1.5 percent, depending on the characteristics and feasibility of the project.

In addition this year, the Junta de Castilla y León has increased by 0.25 points the discount applied in four of the ten existing ADE Financing lines. Likewise, in the last few months, two new lines have been launched with an interest rate of zero percent, to promote employment and to support innovative projects.

The first is the Entrepreneurship Development Program, which is also processed by Iberaval and which is aimed at loans of up to 600,000 euros for investment or working capital, to finance up to one hundred percent of the project under advantageous conditions, based on maximum repayment terms of 15 years -with two of lack-, significant cost reductions (interest rate tending to zero) and a specific line of risk coverage.

Thus, the bonus operations in this Program provide for a maximum limit on bonuses of 200,000 euros and five contracts per company, for a period of up to four years.

To this must be added a risk coverage of up to 20 percent of the amount subscribed, which helps to reduce the difficulties of access to markets for SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers due to lack of guarantees.

The Institute for Business Competitiveness has also provided a new line to finance business investment projects and working capital needs of self-employed and companies with innovative component, and whose cost is zero for 36 months and the first 150,000 euros.

To obtain it, one of the following conditions must be fulfilled: to have a nature of the company related to innovation, to present an investment of more than 50 percent of its annual sales of its last five years in a new project or to access other markets, count as a shareholder with a venture capital company or have received the same financing in the last 24 months, develop a technological right or have been awarded an R & D + i award.

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Dominguez calls for the reform of the financing system to be addressed and calls for the CPFF call

Domínguez and Rojas analyze financing system RIOJANO GOVERNMENT

Dom&iacute;nguez and Rojas analyze financing system <span class="author">RIOJANO GOVERNMENT</span>

Dominguez, who today explained the allegations of the Government of La Rioja to the last report prepared by the Technical Committee of Permanent Evaluation, considers that the Government of the nation “has enough time to address this issue, since most of the work is done of the revision of the financing system and the last phase of political negotiation remains “and there is also” unanimity of all the communities in which the model must be reformed urgently and that it is a matter of State “.

In this regard, he stressed that “for the first time in La Rioja we have a common position regarding the principles that should govern the new model, which are included in the Proposition no of Law approved last May 18 in the Parliament of La Rioja , at the proposal of the Popular Party, and which had the support of the rest of the parliamentary groups, in which the urgency of addressing the reform of the system is manifested. “

For the counselor, “the negotiation must be carried out in the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council, to guarantee transparency and consensus among the regions and thus ensure equal rights for all citizens” and has pronounced against the possibility to address “specific changes through bilateral agreements.”


With respect to the allegations presented by La Rioja, Domínguez first referred to the need for “the new model to guarantee that basic public services have sufficient financing both at present and in the future”. For this, he has detailed that “the Government of La Rioja considers that there must be an additional contribution from the State to the financing system so that no community loses resources with the new model and that the status quo clause is respected”. One issue, he added, that was already reflected in the document of the Committee of Experts and has now been ignored in this new document contributed by the Technical Committee.

He has also reiterated the defense of the principle of institutional loyalty and has called for “instruments to financially compensate the autonomies for unilateral decisions of the State that involve them to face higher expenses for the provision of services.”

In this line, he has declared the importance of defining the spending needs of each Administration, since “we are the communities that provide the basic services of Health, Education and Social Services”. In this sense, he has insisted on the broad consensus already reached among different Autonomous Communities about “the need for the new model to take into account the criterion of fixed costs, since for smaller communities such as La Rioja it is the variable that more affects the cost of providing services. “

In this sense, the Government of La Rioja defends correcting the adjusted population variable, so that in addition to the fixed costs of services, criteria such as territorial dispersion, surface area and population aging are taken into account.



Among its allegations, the Government of La Rioja defends the strengthening of inter-territorial solidarity mechanisms, “to ensure that the provision of services occurs under similar conditions for all citizens.” In this regard, the Government of La Rioja once again insists on these allegations in which the communities of the statutory regime are integrated into the solidarity mechanisms and that the resource gap is corrected between the financial resources available to the communities of the common system and statutory.

Dominguez explained that the Regional Executive once again calls for guaranteeing “fiscal harmonization between communities of the common and regional regime, a matter of special relevance to our community, due to its proximity to the Basque Country and Navarra; that the fiscal autonomy of the common system communities be respected in order to be able to decide on the fiscal pressure of their citizens “.

In relation to the open debate regarding the restructuring of the debt or forgiveness, Dominguez has called on the Government of Spain “to take a position on the matter so that the Autonomous Communities that have fulfilled the objectives of stability know what to expect”.

Finally, the regional executive defends a simpler and more understandable fund system, “since the current one is complex and difficult for the citizen to understand” and it is proposed that the installments on account will not be affected by future extensions of the general budgets of State. Likewise, they propose that the Ministry improve the information provided to the regions on the calculation thereof and that within the scope of the IRPF, measures are introduced to encourage the fiscal co-responsibility of the Communities.